Monday, June 19, 2017


This week I thought I would share the rest of the photos I took at the UQSM in SLC in May.  There were a lot of quilts made with the vintage linens, similar to what Cindy Needham does. Here are a couple.

Out West
Pieced and quilted by Carol Kolf

Urban Cabin
Pieced and quilted by Susan Adams

Pieced and quilted by Elaine Smith

Broken Window
Pieced and quilted by Alyce J. Leach
(I love the use of orange in this one :)

Magical Toys
Pieced and quilted by Flora Joy

This is one of those "three pictures" in one quilts and I thought I took a picture from all three angles but apparently not!  Very cool quilt!

Pieced and quilted by Sandra Clark

1st Place Wall Hanging

This quilt is hand appliquéd with beautiful Japanese fabrics using the tile quilt method done circa 1900's. It is an original design inspired by the book Tile Quilt Revival by Carol Gilham Jones and Bobbi Finley.

Detail of the quilting on Sunshine, pictured above.

One funny Father's Day story:
I teach the six year olds in church on Sundays and yesterday they were writing little notes for their Dads for Father's Day.  One little girl, whose Dad is not in the home, said she wanted to write her note to her Grandpa.  She asked me to help her write it and told me what to write, "Dear Grandpa, I love you because you married the nicest person in the whole world, and have the nicest kids!"  I think Grandma must've been feeling pretty good after reading that note :)

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