Saturday, August 12, 2017

Circle Of Friends

I finished quilting two quilts this week - my Circle of Friends quilt is one of them. When our Little Bits miniature quilt group went to Leota's for our luncheon this month, one of her friends was visiting and she could pick out who we were based on Leota's quilt. We must have done a pretty good job with our Mini Me's! (All nine of us have a Circle of Friends quilt and they all look different!)
This is the pieced back, pieced so I could use up some scraps from the keyboard border on the front.

Here we are from left to right:
me - with a book bag because I love to read.
Sherida - with words on her shirt because she's a newspaper journalist.
June - always wears dresses and loves bling.  She is not yet totally blinged out because she is going to add a watch and rings and I've added a yo-yo to her hair (she also makes hundreds of yo-yos - all sizes!)

Left to Right:
Leota -a ski instructor at Powderhorn and an outdoor enthusiast.
Annie - our fearless 88 year old leader and founder of our mini group.
Max - who loves blue and wears scarves and knits and make bags and give away wonderful homemade things to friends and family.

Eleanor - sweet, kind and creative, also one of the founders of the group.
Kathy - our newest member, a cowgirl and very talented.
Bobbi - can you tell she loves flowers?  She loves to garden and is also a ski instructor at Powderhorn.

We've lost a few members over the years, Sophie, Betty and Mary.  And a couple have moved away, Cathy and Lori.  What wonderful friendships are formed by stitching and creating together!  I love all of these ladies and they inspire me :)

These last two pictures are close-ups of the back so hopefully you can see the quilting a little better. This quilt measures 32 inches by 31 inches and the pattern is by Karen Eckmeier.

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