Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Millefiori Update

I have to say I am loving this Millefiori quilt along! Here is my progress so far.  I have one more row of hexagons to piece and stitch around this piece and then this first "block" is done.  It sure is fun seeing it all come together.  Caroline left a comment that she is starting this project and I would sure love to see her progress!  Keep us posted!
Thanks to my friend Lori, who sent her pictures and inspired me to start this.  I have a question for her, or anyone else who is English Paper Piecing.  This piece is getting pretty large, maybe 30 inches or so, at what point do you start removing the papers?  I haven't removed any yet, but I'm wondering if removing some of the middle papers might make it a little easier to handle?  And it won't compromise or distort the piece will it?
Thanks!  I hope everyone gets to create something today!

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