Sunday, September 17, 2017

Little Miss Cutie Pie Got Her Wings!

Guess who got her wings!!  This really was her second time flying but a nice pilot stopped them in the airport and gave her wings, and took their picture in the Delta plane!  How nice!

I read a story once where a little child said, "My Grandma lives at the airport.  When we want her, we go pick her up, and when we're tired of her, we take her back!"

I was thrilled to go pick up this little cutie and sad to "take her back".  So fun being a Grandma!!

In a few weeks we will be going up for her second birthday.  I'll soon share pictures of the quilt I made her.  I got it quilted this past week but need to stitch the binding down.

(Remember when we used to be able to squat like that??)

This little one is getting quite proficient with the cell phone.  My daughter said she found 110 selfies on her phone the other day!

Have a great week!  I hope you get some stitches in!

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