Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree Challenge Quilts

The Challenge quilts were revealed at the guild meeting this month.  The challenge this year was "Oh Christmas Tree".  Everyone got a fat quarter of either yellow or red fabric to be used in the quilt top and there had to be a Christmas tree on the quilt.  Following are photos of the wonderful creations made by members of the guild!  I hope to remember who made what, but if I forgot, please forgive me.  I need to post them soon after I take them so I remember :)

This one was made by Eddy.  Apparently this is what happens to your Christmas tree if you leave it up until September!

This one was made by Janet.  I think Eddy and Janet both received yellow fabric in their Challenge packets.

I'm blanking on the two quilts above but I know this one was made by Judy and she won one of the prizes.

This one was made by Phyllis!

I believe Brenda made this one - she was in charge of the Challenge this year.

Marsha made this one - and won a prize!

Kathy made this one - this is one of the ones I voted for because of all the detail miniature work on those little Christmas ornaments!!

Gini made this one!

Jerri made this - and won a prize!  All handwork/redwork - so pretty!

Detail of those MINI ornaments!  They weren't more than two inches - so cute.

It was a fun challenge!  I didn't get my act together in time to participate this year, but there's always next year.  I will be excited to see what the new challenge will be. In the meantime I have a challenge I'm working on - the International Miniature Quilt Exchange through TQS.  I've drawn out a design - yes I am that far!  Now I need to get busy constructing!

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  1. There are some super cute tree quilts here! Fun challenge!