Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kudos to the Men who Quilt!

This week I went to Thimbles and Threads - a quilt store in Utah that I quite like. A couple of interesting things happened: First, when I walked in I was greeted by a male employee.  Since the number of female quilters is greater than the number of male quilters, we do not see a lot of males who work at quilt shops, but kudos to male quilters!  I believe it's a wonderful hobby and talent for anyone to pursue!  Then, while there, another man came into the store and the man working said, "You're back!"  The customer (who was at least in his 70's if not older) said, "Yes!  I made one and now everyone wants one!"  He had pattern in hand and his wife was helping him pick out fabric.  He looked pretty happy!  Because after all - doesn't quilting make us happy :). Pursuing any talent you enjoy creates happiness and well being.

During a trip to the zoo today I spotted this cool elephant sculpture with some nice Zentangle type designs on it.

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