Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Silent Auction

There was a silent auction at the Houston Quilt Festival of miniature quilts, made by teachers and quilt artists, to benefit the International Quilt Association.  I was so tempted to bid on some, as I have in the past, but the process to bid this year was a bit overwhelming.  You had to fill out a two page form and leave your credit card information.  Hmmm.... maybe not.  I hope the auction went well for them.  I did not bid, but here are some photos of a few that I really like!

Paisley Promise by Bethanne Nemesh

Above:  Cappricio by Ricky Tims

Right:  City Limits
by Enid Weichselbaum

Below: Split Decision by Gilbert Muniz and Janet Stone

Ferns Rocked by the Breeze
by Marisa Marquez

Below:  The Coral Reef
by Linda Steele

Summer in the City
by Robin Gausebeck

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