Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Deer Block is Finished!

I have been working on the deer block this month for my Woodland Whimsy block of the month and I finished it last night!  I just love how these blocks come to life as I work on them.  Once again, I'm pretty happy with those bees :) I really like the colorful flowers at the top too - those are appliquéd with cotton fabric.

Here are three of my favorite quilts from the judged quilt show in Houston.  This one reminds me of my granddaughter!  Cute little pigtails, same sense of style :), combing her Daddy's hair before he goes to work.

Scene from an Ordinary Life
by Rebecca Lilly Segura from Texas

I've been trying to learn Spanish on Duolingo so I knew comer is eat and dormir is sleep and repetir is repeat.  I did not know what coser meant .... duh!  SEW!

It's called The Recipe of Happiness
by Anna Orduna Pons from Spain


Sounds like happiness to me!

Doesn't this quilt just look good enough to eat??

Contraste de Sabores
by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco, also from Spain

I have been out Christmas shopping this afternoon!  Yes, the mall is already decorated for Christmas :)

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