Thursday, December 7, 2017

Brown Bag Challenge Revealed

Yesterday was our Christmas luncheon for my miniature quilt group The Little Bits.  Great company, lots of fun and delicious food!

Some crazy footwear, worn by Annie - she kept asking if her seams were straight :)

A little bit of Show and Tell - these adorable tea towels made by Sherida!

And then we opened our brown bag challenge gifts! If you remember, we each put something (fabric, trims, embellishments etc.) into a brown bag marked with a number, then traded bags and made something with the materials we got for the person whose bag it was (but we didn’t know whose bag we had.) It was so fun yesterday opening our gifts and seeing what another member of the group had made for us.  It was also fun to see if we had guessed correctly on whose bag we had (I did guess correctly by the way, and most of us had narrowed it down to at least two people).
Annie made this bookcase quilt for Kathy.  Kathy had put in a jelly roll, which Annie used for the books - the titles on the books are cut from old neck ties. Lots of different types of fabrics were used - SO creative!

I was correct in thinking that I had Annie’s bag :). She loved her mouse and zippered bag and mug mat!

Sherida made a beautiful landscape mini art quilt for Leota, and even framed it!

Bobbi made a bag for Eleanor out of all the fabrics in her brown bag!

June made this beautiful quilt for Sherida, whose bag had all of the colorful fabrics and the cording -June added the black and white fabric. The label she put on the quilt is pictured below.

Eleanor made this cute little table topper for June. With the fabric from June’s bag, this almost looks Christmassy!  She made Log Cabin blocks (corners) and Courthouse Steps blocks. The back of the quilt is shown below.

Kathy made Bobbi this table topper - Cathedral Windows style - so beautiful!

Leota told a funny story about losing the fabric from my bag and later finding it in the glove compartment of her car. She made me this adorable bag!
It was a great party and put us all in the Christmas Spirit!  I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and finding fun things to do with family and friends!