Thursday, January 4, 2018

Little Bits Show and Tell

Yesterday I posted a picture of a quilt, made by Susan de Vanny from Australia, that I saw in Houston and later that day I noticed that she is the featured artist in the latest edition of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine!

Also yesterday I went to my miniature quilt group meeting at Annie's.  Show and Tell was a little more sparse because we were all busy over the holidays, but some great quilts were show still - including this one made by June for a challenge back in the 90's. It depicts a mother and daughter up in the attic, the mother helping the daughter try on a wedding dress.  The hair on the mother is June's and the hair on the daughter is her daughter's.  The wedding photo on the wall is of June and her husband.  The detail in this quilt is just amazing.

That is a real miniature dish on the shelf, and there are beads galore on the dress.  The chandelier is also three dimensional.

We had to admire the backing fabric for the quilt too, which is perfect.  I think June has won several awards for this quilt.

An alphabet quilt that Kathy made for her nephew.

And I finally got to see Sherida's Rowdy the Maverick Steer quilt and I love it!!

The pattern is by Laura Heine and you can find out more about her at:

Someone gifted this antique quilt top to Kathy - Grandmothers Flower Garden.  She plans to hand quilt it.  We were trying to date the fabrics and got a little stumped.  I think she may have to take it to a professional to find out for sure. It's beautiful though and nicely pieced!

I was planning on going to Wool Gatherer's today but I'm sick!  I think I better stay home and keep my germs to myself.....

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