Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day Continued

Major props to my hubby for making my Valentine's Day very special yesterday!  I found a red box on my desk in the morning that had a beautiful piece of Polish Pottery in it and a note that ended up leading me on a treasure hunt throughout the house where I discovered amongst other things these folded napkin roses, fat quarters, candy, flowers etc. Very fun!  Made my day and made me feel special :) Thank you, thank you!

We also received in the mail the adorable Valentine above from our granddaughter!  Can hardly wait to see her!
Stopped at Enstroms the other day and they're already decorating chocolate Easter eggs! Easter is pretty early this year though...

Thank you to all who have sent me an email requesting that pattern.  I am going to work on that right now and hopefully get it emailed out in the next day or two.  Have a great post Valentine's Day - hopefully you didn't eat too much sugar :)

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