Monday, February 5, 2018

Vintage Home Arts

My friend Sheila gave me some vintage Home Arts Needlecraft papers that were discovered in a chest at an estate sale.
 Most of them are from around 1940 and all are enclosed in plastic and in excellent condition.  The articles are fascinating - 
even the advertisements!  I plan to share some more as I go through them, but first check out this:

A complete quilt kit for $2.98!!!! To “defray the cost of packing and postage, they ask that you also in include 27 cents, 
making it a total of $3.75.  What?? That is amazing.  You can’t even buy a stamp for 27 cents now, or a yard of fabric for 2.98!!
  I am amazed at the condition of these newspaper type magazines a mere 78 years later!  More to come!

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