Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ebony Love - Quilter

The first guest at The Quilt Show taping on Monday was Ebony Love. (She said not to google that unless you type "quilter" after it!). You can find out more about her at:

She was a fun, enthusiastic and delightful person. She talked about making quilts using die cutters and dies.  They also kept feeding her Twinkies - you can find out more about that when you watch the show!  She is a singer too, and they played one of her songs - very fun lady :)

All of the quilts pictured here are quilts she made using her Sizzix die cutter.

This quilt was made using Downton Abbey fabrics, as she is a huge Downton Abbey fan. (I need to make my Downton Abbey quilt!!)

She showed three different techniques for making quilts with die cuts:
Raw edge fusible
Turned edge fusible
Of the three, I think I liked the turned edge fusible best.

I really like the orange quilt to the left of Megan in the photo below....

The picture below is the back of this quilt.  She said she doesn't waste any fabric - just uses it for the backs of her quilts!

After the taping of her show she gave away a Sizzix die cutter and some dies to this lucky lady!  Fun, fun show!

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