Thursday, March 1, 2018

Wool Projects

My daughter Megan is getting into wool appliqué!  It is so fun to see the things she is making!  She finished this Cinema sign from a pattern given to her by my friend Ann.  Way to go Megan - it looks great!

Today I went to Wool Gatherer's but ended up working on my Millefiori block, as I didn't have anything wool related ready to work on.  Tomorrow I am going to work more on my Woodland Whimsy, but it's big enough now that it's hard to haul around.  I think I'll have to finish that up at home :)

The next couple of days I will share some photos of show and tell at Wool Gatherer's and the amazing gift that Doe made for me - I'm so excited!

Have a GREAT day :)

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