Monday, April 23, 2018

Hancocks and Paper Pieces

I talked to friends before we went to Paducah and was told that I really needed to go to Hancocks of Paducah and Paper Pieces while there.  To be honest, I didn't even know Paper Pieces was located in Paducah, even though I'd ordered from them before.
Hancocks was unlike any fabric store I've ever been in - it is HUGE!!
The two pictures below are taken with me standing in the middle looking first at one side of the store and then at the other.  I can't even begin to describe how much fabric they have - and at good prices too!  I saw some Kaffe for 5.99 a yard!

My husband went with me to Hancocks and someone asked him if he was the CEO.  He wasn't sure what she meant, until she clarified "Carry Everything Out".  I think he likes his new CEO title :)

This is a picture of The Hexie House - home of Paper Pieces!  If you're familiar with English Paper Piecing then you've probably heard of
I had a lot of fun looking around The Hexie House too and seeing what all they had there.

Speaking of English Paper Piecing .... I didn't buy a lot of fabric but what I did buy is with my English Paper Piecing projects in mind!  There is a new line of Tula Pink fabric out, which is wonderful, and I found some cool border prints at a vendor booth.  Doesn't it all just look delicious?

Before I forget, I wanted to share an interesting article I read in the latest AQS magazine by Kimberly Einmo called "More Time to Quilt".  She talks about things we can do to find more time in our lives for quilting. Go read the article, but a few highlights include:
1. Cut back on time spent on social media
2. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
3.Turn off the television
4. Slow cooker meals
She says by doing these things you can gain an hour or more a day of quilting time!
Sounds great to me!!

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