Thursday, May 10, 2018

Just a Few More!

I am almost finished sharing photos from Paducah - there will be a few more tomorrow!

The quilt above was made by Carol Bryer Fallert-Gentry from Washington and is called:  Jacuzzi Jazz!

Left:  Be Happy
by Megumi Mizuno, Japan

Above: Drama Queen
by Claudia Clark Myers, Minnesota

Right:  Dresden Dreams Take 2
by Elizabeth Karnes, Illinois

Above:  Mosaic Medley at Midnight
by Nancy Kay Smith, Florida
(I really like this one!  It reminds me of Seminole Piecing!)

Left:  Pear Drops
by Cheryl Kerestes, Pennsylvania

Above: Celebration #2
by Carol Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Washington

Right:  My Town and Country Quilt II
ny Shirley Guier, Missouri

There is more information about this quilt on The Quilt Show Daily Blog:

It is a Block of the DAY quilt - 365 blocks!

I LOVE the colors and the quilting in the quilt above: Garden Blossoms, by Sue Schoch, New York

Left:  Circle of Life
by Doris Kennedy and Victoria Rondeau, Florida

Below: Dahlia, by Hitomi Herai, Japan

Don't forget to check out Melody Crust's clean studio today at:

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