Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This IS Your Grandmother's Flower Garden!

I'm sharing more photos from Julie Silber's workshop today!

This is a circa 1960's Cathedral Window.  Julie said it's technically a novelty piece and not a quilt, because it does not have three layers.

1950's Blazing Star

Above is a 1940's Fan quilt

Left: 1940's Nine-Patch or Single Irish Chain

This one was made by Sophia Quinn in 1939 at age 80!  Julie said it was most likely a kit quilt.

Grandmother's Flower Garden - also made by Sophia Quinn in the 1930's.  Look at the binding!  That is no easy feat!

The quilt tops above and to the right belong to my aunt and she has asked me to quilt them for her.  They are both hand pieced.  Julie thinks the Grandmothers Flower Garden was pieced in the 1970's and the Wedding Ring in the 40's or 50's.  I'm thinking 50's because I think it was given to my aunt and uncle by his mother when they got married.  I just wonder why she didn't finish it??  It has sat unused on a shelf all these years....

Here is another Wedding Ring quilt. I must have been too busy paying attention to write down the details on this one!  Look how beautifully quilted it is though - with a beautiful binding also.

And another Grandmother's Flower Garden!  We saw a lot of quilts from the 1940's - it was fun to see the different fabrics and this green must have been very popular at that time.

I'll share the rest of the quilts tomorrow!  Have a great day!

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