Monday, June 11, 2018

Sew Savvy Show and Tell

Saturday was Sew Savvy at Hi Fashion!  I snapped a few photos of show and tell, but they kind of got out of order when I was uploading them.  This is the back of Shanna's quilt (picture #8 below).  Shanna teaches machine quilting with rulers at Hi Fashion and this is one of her sample quilts.  The back looks every bit as good as the front!
One lady shared these long skinny pillows that she made.  I've seen these long skinny pillows everywhere - they're kind of a "thing" right now.  Anyway, these two pillows are from Row by Row patterns!  What a GREAT idea!  She has one pillow and can trade the top out as often as she'd like.  I have collected Row by Row patterns for the past couple of summers and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.  This is a really fun idea :). That's why I love show and tell so much!
Speaking of Row by Row.  It starts up again soon,  June 21st, and this year it's Row by Row Sew Musical! Sounds fun!  Read more about it here:

A cute snowman was refreshing to see in our hot summer...

Apparently there was a rug class at Hi Fashion too!  These look much better than my attempt at rug making...

Love the paper pieced houses above and to the right is the FRONT of Shanna's ruler work quilt.

These two were made by Sheila.  I love the Simple What Nots Spools, and the quilt below is perfect for using up the Civil War scraps, of which I have many!  Civil War reproduction fabrics are so pretty and they all just look great together.  I have another quilt in mind for using mine - actually two!

These next two were made by Gini!

Another good pattern for using up scraps!

This is a Quilts for Kids quilt - a program you can learn more about through Hi Fashion.

Besides the great show and tell we got to see a power point presentation of Angie's trip to Quilt Market.  It looks like more fun things are on the way!

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