Thursday, September 12, 2013

School House at CWQG

Last night at our quilt guild meeting we had a "School House", where we divided up into groups, went to go to five different tables and had someone demonstrate an aspect of quilting. I actually did not get to go to each table because I was one of the demonstrators on back-basting hand appliqué.  I have demonstrated this several times before because it is my favorite method so I was a little worried that my demo would be too "boring".  There must have been a few new people there last night though, or everyone was just being nice, because most showed interest :)
 Above is the table of the ladies demonstrating crazy quilting and crazy quilt stitches.  Their work was very impressive.

To the right is a Show and Tell quilt made and shown by Judy.

More Show and Tell quilts!

Helen, pictured here with her 3D Sunbonnet Sue quilt talked about her process in making it.  This quilt is quite something to see.  You could look at for hours and still find new things.  It's very cute and really well done!

Some sample, practice blocks she had on the table.

A close up of the Bride and Groom block.

I thought this block of Sue holding a little doll was adorable.

Another close-up.

This is Mary with her display of hand embroidery.  It is often done in red and is called Red Work, but her sample here is done in black and white.  Her work is SO good it almost looked printed on the fabric vs. hand embroidered.  I wish I could have attended her demo because I do love handwork.

Sharon, pictured here, along with Eddy and Phyllis demonstrated the Aqu-Quilt Go, which is a machine that cuts all those appliqué pieces for you!  Since I mostly do hand appliqué, this is probably something I would not use much, but a lot of people really like it.

I didn't take a picture of my back-basting table!  I will leave that up to your imagination :)

Aqu-Quilt Go machine

It was a fun night, but of course the most fun are the wonderful friends.  Quilters are truly great people!

Today I went to a birthday lunch for quilt friend Eddy AND I have been working on Market Fresh!  Stay tuned!

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