Saturday, October 19, 2013

And More Quilts!

Black Medallion
Made by Lisa Brothman
This is a whole cloth quilt with cording couched to set off each section and the design elements quilted in. Pretty!

Gary's Golf Memories
Made by Wanda B. Harker and quilted by her as well.  I don't know who Gary is, but this quilt is made from his 1996-1999 golf shirts!  I thought my husband would enjoy seeing this quilt and since I am making a t-shirt quilt for my son, I was looking for some inspiration myself!

Made by Kathi Carter and quilted by her as well.  The quilting on this quilt is absolutely amazing, which is why it won "Best Machine Quilting"!  It is machine appliquéd and she said it's a variation of two patterns from "More William Morrie" by Michele Hill of Australia.  In her artist statement, Kathi said that the hardest part of this quilt was to find a continuous path to quilt the background.  Take a look at the detail photos below - the quilting is incredible.  I am going to keep practicing!

All of those little triangles in the background are quilted!!

Circle of a Beautiful Life
Made by Carole Lifferth and quilted by her as well.  Whole cloth with trapunto, and she said she added crystals (her first time doing so on a quilt).  This quilt won "Best Whole Cloth Quilt" and very deserving of it!

Asilomar Circles
Made and quilted by Ruth Ewers.  She began this quilt at an Empty Spools seminar in Asilomar, CA.  The class was taught by Raynola Pakusich.  She said Raynola stressed letting the fabulous fabrics speak by keeping the pattern simple.  Good advice!

In The Meadow You Can Build A Snowman
Made by Pamela G. Pierce and quilted by Holly Williams-Sosa.  Pamela did a lot of handwork in this quilt - buttonhole stitches, whip stitches, needle turn, back stitches, french knots and more!  Very whimsical.

My Pink Flower Baskets
Made by Linda Williams and quilted by Kim Peterson. She made this quilt for her granddaughter's antique iron bed.  It won Judge's Choice, picked by Cody Mazuran.

Natures's Daintiness
Made by Jane Mathis and quilted by Sue McCarty.  She started this quilt in a class taught by Jeanna Kimball on needle turn appliqué.  I learned my favorite method of hand appliqué from Jeanna - back basting!!  Jane said it took her three years to complete this quilt.

Shoe Boutique
Made by Louise Lemon and quilted by Miriam Higgensen.  This quilt was made as part of a block exchange in her guild "The Quiltaholoics". She asked for high class shoes with bling on the blocks made by her friends :)

Sophie Grace's Garden Tour
Made by Penney Huang and quilted by Charlotte Freeman.
This quilt was also started at an Empty Spools seminar in Asilomar, but in a class taught by Laura Swartz Smith.  The quilt is hand painted, hand embroidered, machine and hand pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand beaded!

Emily Made by Kathi Carter and quilted by her as well.  She also made "Andrew" above.  Andrew is named after her grandson and Emily is named after her granddaughter.  She said this is a variation of Conway (I'm not from Baltimore) Album.  She added daffodils and it is machine quilted and machine appliquéd with hand ruched flowers.  I need to take a machine quilting class from Kathi!  This quilt won "Best of Show".  I will have more detail photos of this quilt tomorrow as it is absolutely stunning.
Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. I wear one of Jon's old byu tshirts for exercising sometimes. Let me know if you want it for his quilt:)