Monday, October 21, 2013

Susan McBride Gilgen

The speaker for Thursday's luncheon at the Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest was Susan McBride Gilgen.  Her lecture was very fun and interesting.  She creates these beautiful landscape art quilts that are quite large.  I apologize for the photos - there was a window near where the quilts were hanging that made getting a good photo difficult.  I encourage you to go to Susan's website to see more of her beautiful work:

I really like how she creates a frame within the piece but the scene spills out into the border.  I love this effect.

At first I thought the frame was made from a variegated fabric but when I looked closer I found it was pieced diamond shapes!  A lot of work to get that just right!  Beautiful quilting too, with some shiny metallic threads.

She spoke about how she gets the light just right in her quilts.  It takes a very artistic eye to do that in my opinion.  She has obviously mastered it!

She now lives in St. George, Utah so some of the beautiful red rocks are showing up in her work.

Everyone who was taking a class from her said they were loving it!

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