Thursday, October 17, 2013

UQG's Quilt Show in Midway

Over the next few days I will post some photos from the Quilt Show in Midway, put on by the Utah Quilt Guild.  It was a small show, but oh boy were there some gorgeous quilts!

A Circle of Hope
This quilt was made by Jeanmarie Shingleton for loved ones dealing with ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer.  In her artist's statement she said the butterflies represent new life and joy.  She did the quilting herself.

In the Beginning
Lisa Dunn made this beautiful quilt based on the scripture Genesis 1:3-5.  She said dividing the light from the darkness is what makes this quilt interesting.  We do that a lot in quilting - contrast, contrast, contrast!

My Son is a Patriot
Linda Williams made this quilt for her son.  She said she agonized over the design, but it was sure worth the effort, as it turned out beautifully.  The quilting was done by Kim Peterson and I really, really like the quilting.  It gave me a lot of ideas and design inspiration so there are a few detail photos below.

This quilt won 2nd place in the "Best Pieced" category.

Basket Medallion
Louise Lemon made this amazing medallion style quilt.  She said the project took several years and she spent a lot of time hand quilting.

Angela's Quilt
Made by Shirley Olsen, this quilt is for her daughter Angela.  It is hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  She said the piecing and appliquéing are in honor of her high school graduation, the quilting for college graduation and the quilt was finished about a week before Angela's wedding!  That's the way to do it, one quilt for all three events!  Why didn't I think of that? :)

Detail below - her hand quilting is exquisite.

This quilt won "Best Theme Quilt" - the theme was
"Sew Lovely".

This quilt is a round robin quilt made by a group of friends.  Barbara Walsh owns the quilt and made the center block.  She didn't see the quilt again for a whole year (while her friends worked on it).  When she got it back, she added an additional strip and appliquéd the last border.  It was quilted by Virginia Gore.

This quilt won 1st place in the "Best Group Quilt" category.

Black & White
Francine Berrett hand appliquéd and hand quilted this quilt which is a copy of an old fashioned quilt pattern called "Rob Peter to Pay Paul".  She used wool batting and her hand quilting is amazing too!

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