Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bernina Foot Class

Yesterday I went to the Bernina Foot class at Hi Fashion.  This is the second one I've attended and I really like them because I am learning to use my machines more effectively and try new things!

In this class we learned to use the pin tuck foot.  There are actually different sizes of this foot, three grooves, makes the largest pin tucks, five grooves, seven grooves (which is the one I tried) and nine grooves, which makes teeny tiny pin tucks.
Above is Kari's sample and to the right is my finished page.  It was fun and I felt like I learned a lot!  For example, we had to use a double needle, which in all my years of sewing, I had never tried before!  Easy - why did I wait so long!  I did however break mine yesterday when I tried to do the decorative stitch....
Also when you look at the close up picture below and see my curvy lines on the right, I did that on purpose because Kari said we could make pin tucks curvy so I had to try it.  I really did do it on purpose :)  Really.
I used cording in some of my pin tucks too - just had to try it because we could.

I talked to my Mom yesterday and she said she took a Bernina Foot class years ago and she thinks she still has her book that she made!  Next time I visit we'll have to look for it because it would be fun to see what Bernina taught "way back then" versus what they're teaching today!  Someday my daughters will be comparing  their foot books to mine. And SEW it goes.  Have a great day!!

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