Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grand Opening and Spectacular Views

First thing this morning I went to the grand opening of the Busy Bea Quilt shop and made my first purchase there!  I am so excited for them.  Already at 9:40 AM when I arrived the parking lot and side streets were full and a LOT of people were there.  They had some give aways and games going and it looked to be a fun-filled day.  Congratulations and well wishes to the owners Bea and Tracy!
After that important part of my day, I went on a hike with my family up on the Grand Mesa's Crag Crest Trail.  It was SO beautiful up there.  The weather was perfect and we spent a few hours hiking along the ridge with spectacular views in all directions.  We brought a picnic and ate lunch, ran into people we know and just had a wonderful time.  I took a few pictures that may inspire some future quilts :)

My son commented that we were on our own "Great Wall".  It kind of felt that way, hiking along the ridge or "crest" trail.

Way up, almost to the top where there are still Aspen trees, they are starting to turn their beautiful golden colors.  A wonderful day.  I hope you had a wonderful day too!

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