Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quilting - A Community of Support

I absolutely loved this sentiment expressed at the Springville Quilt Show.  I hope you can enlarge this picture enough to read it properly.  "Quilters are staunchly supportive of other quilters."  Read on - whoever wrote this expressed it beautifully :)

Nocturne: Remembering Chopin
by Shirley L. Olsen
Best of Show Award

Star Night, Star Bright
by Julie Saville

Off Balance
by Lisa Chin

This is a miniature quilt! :)

Amber Glow
by Barbara Walsh
quilted by Virginia Gore

Honorable Mention Award

And here is a thought for all of the young Moms out there whose kids won't take naps for longer than ten minutes (wouldn't be anyone I know! hehe!) (Actually some of her naps are much longer than 10 minutes :)

Enjoy every minute of your day!

Tomorrow I am off, with two friends, to a taping of The Quilt Show!  So excited - I'll keep you posted!

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