Friday, August 19, 2016

The Quilt Show Taping!

Today I had a wonderfully fun day at The Quilt Show taping in Centennial Colorado!
Here are myself, Wendy and Marian arriving at the studio at 8:00 this morning - ready for the day!
The audience is fairly small, so everyone gets a good seat. On the right is our new friend, Connie, from Tucson.
Here is Ricky Tims on the set as they were preparing for the day.
It was really fun watching the whole process. The show is non scripted. They discuss what they are going to talk about in each segment and what will be taught, but then they let the conversation flow which makes it much more fun and relaxing.
In between filming they let a few of us at a time go up on set and take pictures of the guests' quilts that were on display. As you can see, our first guest was Victoria Findley Wolf! She was fantastic and has a new book out on wedding ring quilts. I will post more pictures of her quilts, Ricky's and Alex's quilts and the second shows guest, Melissa Sobotka, over the next few days. It was SO fun. I'm feeling very inspired to get in my quilt studio and get to work!


  1. So how did you and your friends get tickets to this show?

    1. The tickets are free to people who subscribe to The Quilt Show online. They just let you know when and where they're taping and you can request tickets. It was fun :)