Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Finished in Time!

Gift number 8 is a cute lime green bag, with three fat quarters and a lime green lip balm!  Lime green is my second favorite color - next to orange :)  Gotta love this happy green!

Big news!  I finished quilting this quilt for my good friend, just in time to give it to her for Christmas.  I hope she likes it!

It ended up being really fun to quilt!  I was channeling my inner Angela Walters - who is my quilting hero.  You can check out her new "Midnight Quilt Show" at:


And no.... you don't have to watch it at midnight :)

I did a little ruler work in the center star, but most of it is free motion feathers, swirl-hook, ribbon candy and even some stippling (I haven't stippled on a quilt for a very long time!)

I am continuing to enjoy my mini bread maker.  Last nights loaf looked and tasted DELICIOUS.  Just ask my husband!

And today I opened gift number 9 - two pink, flowery scissors!  How fun is that?
I hope you're having a wonderful day!

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