Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Sorry!  More vacation photos :)

This is the view from our hotel room.

I took a ukulele lesson from this woman one morning while Mike was in his meeting!

In between all the beautiful hotels and resorts were miles and miles of lava rock - very pretty in its own way!

We saw a wonderful show of traditional Hawaiian dancing.

More beautiful scenery on an early morning walk....

And just a big thank you to Phyllis who found some treasures in her sewing room and is sharing them with me!  Redwork, fabric postcards and THIMBLES! The thimble in the middle looks like it could be from China, with a panda bear and bamboo.  The one on the right is from Alaska and is the fur from some Alaskan beast!  Very curious - I've never seen anything like it!
Thank you for thinking of my Phyllis!!

a few days ago and shared some sewing room tips, one of which is:
"As time consuming as it can be, every year or two, take the time to go through your sewing space and clean out! Ditching, donating, gifting, or selling the fabric, books, patterns, notions and tools that you haven’t even thought about in a year (much less used!) can probably be parted with. You’ll know what you don’t need anymore."
CO West Quilt Guild is having a White Elephant/Silent Auction sale a week from today at the regular guild meeting.  Time to clean out those sewing rooms and donate what we don't need! It's a great fundraiser for the guild and makes more space in our sewing studios for creating :)

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